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Induction Motor

DELPHI ( 3 Phase Induction Motors)

Rotomotive motors conform to the dimensional requirement laid down in the standard IEC 72-1.
T IEC 72-1 specifies the dimensional requirements for all the frame & flange sizes.
All motors are multiple voltage multi-frequency 50 Hz, F class insulation (H on request), S1 continuous duty service, IP55 protection (IP56, 66)IE2 or IE3 efficiency classs tropicalized winding suitable for inverter power supply.
IE2, high efficiency class IE 60034-30
IE3, premium efficiency class IE 60034-30

DELPHI AT (3 Phase Brake Motors)

Rotomotive offers Delphi ATDC (DC Brakes), AT24 ( 24V DC Brakes) and ATAC (AC Brakes).
These are of electromagnetic type and normally OFF i.e. the braking action occurs in the absence of power supply.
The brake insulation class is F.
The brake lining is asbestos free as per most recent EEC Directives pertaining to Workplace Hygiene and Safety.
All brake assemblies are protected against corrosion by painting or heat galvanizing and resined winding.
The parts most subjected to war are specially treated to ensure they become wear resistance.

DELFIRE (3 Phase- High Temperature Motors)

Delfire series of motors are designed to be a part of smoke and heat control ventilation systems.
These systems create a smoke free layer above the floor by removing the smoke.
Thus, they improve conditions for safe escape/rescue of people, animals and the protection of property.
They also permit the fighting of fire while still in its early stage.
They are also used with jet fans to convey smoke, NOx, carbon monoxide and other gases from tunnels, car parks, basement areas and the likes.
In many cases they operate in the hazard prevention mode. In case of fire outbreak, the temperature rises rapidly.
Delfire motor work for a guaranteed period of 1 or 2 hours at a continuous temperature of 300, 250 & 200º Celsius, depending upon requirement. These can be single or two speed motors and are governed by the harmonized European standard EN12101.

DELPHI for Hydraulic Pump (3 Phase Induction Motors for Hydraulic Pumps)

Rotomotive has developed a whole range of hollow shaft motor, particularly for hydraulic pump application. This approach has significantly reduced the cost while at the same time improved efficiency. Final product is lighter & has reduced overall length.
Eliminate the need for shaft coupling
Compact design
Low moment of inertia
High efficiency
Plug & Play
Option of high pressure oil seals

DELPHI EXD Series (Flame Proof Motors)

Delphi Exd series asynchronous 3 Phase squirrel cage induction motors are manufactured as per IS/IEC 60779-1 :2007 for operation in hazardous locations classified as zone 1 and zone 2 areas as per IS:5572.
These motors are available in frame sizes of 80 to 160 In 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole ratings.
Rotomotive make flame proof motors for Gas group I, IIA, IIB and Zone 1 & Zone 2 atmosphere.

DELPHI Custom Motors (Custom Motors)

Users of electric motors and OEM manufacturers covering a diverse range of industrial applications have been depending on the performance, reliablity and quality construction of Rotomotive’s custom designed motor products.
Rotomotive offers motors for various applications in industries like wind energy, hydraulic power packs, electric transportation, construction, mining, HVAC blowers, cooling units and smoke evacuation system.
Includes hybrid motots, crane motors and low voltage motors.