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Motion Control System Manufacturer in India

DXMC-S ("Extended Motion Controller - Standard type")

Max. 32 servo axes control (execution cycle: 0.5 ms)
Supports , Modbus TCP and Non-protocol communication
Built-in 16 DI / 16 DO terminals and RS-485 serial port
Supports A / B / Z and SSI encoder signal input
Various robot modules to control multiple robots simultaneously
Function blocks available: tension control, rotary cut, flying shear, E-CAM
SIEC-61131-3 compliant PLC programming and advanced robot languages

DXMC-P ("Extended Motion Controller - Panel type")

Motion controller integrated with HMI
Max. 8 servo axes control (execution cycle: 2 ms)
Supports , Modbus TCP, and Non-protocol communication
Built-in RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 COM ports
IEC-61131-3 compliant PLC programming and advanced robot languages
Built-in 7" & 10" LED monitor for display and operation

MH2 / MP1 ("PC-Based Motion Controller")

Energy Efficiency and Robust Hardware
  • -The MH2 Series: cable-less, fan-less and low-power consumption design supports stable operation; built-in SD card, SSD and M.2 SSD slots provide fast and stable data transmission
  • -The MP1 Series: equipped with a 15” touchscreen for more flexible operation
Multiple Peripheral Interfaces for Communication Built-in USB ports, serial COM ports, Gbps Ethernet ports
Supports Master and Slave Modules Built-in EtherCAT / DMCNET fieldbus for servo system and motion control module connection (up to 64 axes / 100 stations via EtherCAT; up to 12 axes / 12 stations via DMCNET)
High Security Dedicated IC for programming security and confidential information protection
OS and Software Support
The MH2 Series is built in with Windows 10 IoT and DLL for flexible usage and software development
Loopback-detection to avoid broadcast storms by automatically shutting down the ports over a switching loop
DDM diagnosis function by SFP fiber module
Auto alarm notifications by emails, DI, relay, syslog & SNMP trap
Compatible with various industrial protocols, including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, CC-LINK IE and DNP 3.0
IP40 metal case, -40ºC ~ 75ºC wide operating temperature
Certification: UL 61010, IEC 62368-1, CE, FCC and RCM

("EtherCAT High-Speed Motion Control System")

PCI-L221 series and PCIE-L221 series motion control cards that provide complete functions for EtherCAT masters and support device descriptions in XML format (EtherCAT Slave Information ESI file), allowing quick identification of ESI files and information from different slaves and offering the capability of real-time connection via EtherCAT for high-level integration
High-speed motion control of up to 64 slave stations, including 32 servo axes within 1 ms cycle time
Communication cycle time among stations: within 1 ms to 0.5 ms based on customer needs
Motion control functions: 35 homing modes, point-to-point position control, 2-axis / 3-axis interpolation, multi-axis synchronization, continuous motion control, gantry control, speed control, torque control and more

DMCNET ("High-Speed Motion Control System")

Up to 12-axis simultaneous servo control within 1 ms; could be divided into 4 groups of 3-axis helical / linear interpolation or 6 groups of 2-axis linear / arc interpolation
Supports 64-bit double-precision floating point for highly precise calculation and flexible operation
Supports incremental and absolute commands and T-curve / S-curve velocity profiles
Built-in 35 homing modes
Built-in position, speed and torque control modes; able to receive real-time servo information / parameters or change control modes via communication protocol, offering fast communication and motion control for various applications
Certification: UL 61010, IEC 62368-1, CE, FCC and RCM

DVP-10MC / 15MC / 50MC ( Multi-axis Motion Controller )

6-axis Motion Controller:
  • -DVP15MC11T-06 ( CANopen )
  • -DVP50MC11T-06 ( EtherCAT )
Built-in 16 / 24 I/O points; max. 480 I/O points
Program capacity:
  • -DVP10MC: Ladder 16 k steps / Motion 1 Mbytes
  • -DVP15MC / 50MC: 20M bytes
Built-in Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 ports, and support standard Modbus ASCII / RTU protocol
e-CAM function (2.048 points) for rotary / flying shears
Supports DVS-S Series modules (left-side and right-side modules) for multiple options
Flexible industrial networking applications (DeviceNet Master / Slave, CANopen Master / Slave and PROFIBUS DP Slave modules)
Provides standard communication cables, terminal resistors, distribution boxes and more accessories for easy wiring and connection

DVP-PM (General Motion Controller)

DVP10PM00M (Standard Motion Controller)

Built-in 24 I/O points, extension up to 256 I/O points
Program capacity: 64k steps
Data register: 10k words
Execution speed LD: 0.1375 μs, MOV: 2.1 μs
Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 ports
2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 axes linear interpolation motion control
Highly accurate PWM 200 kHz output, resolution 0.3%
8 groups of high-speed captures (mark correction, frequency measurement), comparative output, Mark / Mask function (for bag making)
Supports standard Modbus ASCII / RTU protocol
Motion control functions:
  • -High-speed pulse output: built-in 6 sets of A / B phase pulse outputs
  • -6 sets of high-speed counters and hardware digital filter for counting
  • -Single-axis motion control function (supports MPG, single-speed and two-speed positioning)

DVP20PM00M / D / DT ( Advanced Motion Controller )

Built-in 16 I/O points, extension up to 512 I/O points
Program capacity: 64k steps
Data register: 10k words
Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 ports
Compatible with G-code / M-Code
3-axis linear/arc/helical interpolation
Supports electronic cam (2,048 points) function for flying shear and rotary cut application
All models can be applied as motion controllers or extension modules
Supports standard Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol
  • -Built-in A/B phase differential signal outputs: 2 sets (DVP20PM00D) / 3 sets (DVP20PM00M) with differential output frequency of 500kHz maximum
  • -Single-axis motion control function (supports MPG, single-speed and two-speed positioning)