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BOX ( Worm Gearbox)

The new patented “BOX” series of worm gear units is made with die-casting aluminium housing from size 30 up to 90, and in cast iron from size 110.
The whole BOX series can be mounted in any position with no need of specifications in the order
High precision :The housing shape has been optimized to maximize the draining of water or liquid in the event of the gearbox being subjected to splashing or washing.
From QUBO 75 and above series, two taper roller bearings are mounted on the wormshaft, improving the mechanical resistance to the axial thrust generated by the wormwheel.


STADIO construction is modular and can therefore be supplied as a separate unit to be mounted on any type of fitted geared motor (PAM).
STADIO is supplied by Rotomotive with synthetic oil and is life lubricated.
No maintenance will be required under prescribed load conditions.
Like all coupled gearboxes and motors manufactured by Rotomotive, the whole STADIO range can be mounted in any position. Application position need not be specified in the order. Generally STADIO is used in conjunction with another gearbox.
A powder paint coat fills out the aluminum porosity and protects the housing from oxidation. In order to decrease noise, increase efficiency and durability, gears are made with case hardened (HRC59-63) tempered steel 20CrMnTi (UNI7846) with the tooth involute accurately ground.

ROBUS (12-300 Inline Helical Gearbox)

ROBUS is the new range of in-line helical reducers of Rotomotive, made in cast iron, with a capacity of up to 4300Nm.
In Robus 12, the main body comprises of a single piece aluminium casting with an optimum balance between weight, rigidity and precision. Except Robus 12, all robus sizes have screw-on lifting eyebolt.

STON (Parallel Shaft Gearbox)

STON is the new product of parallel helical reducer of Rotomotive, made in cast iron, with a capacity of up to 700Nm.
2 or 3 reduction stages inside the same body, in order to have a wider and more reliable range of ratios
Unique construction of Ston makes it possible to mount any size in any position.
This flexibility is achieved by + ZZ pre-lubricated bearings on input and output shaft.

ENDURO (Helical Bevel Gearbox)

ENDURO is the new product of bewel helical reducer of Rotomotive, made in cast iron, with a capacity of up to 600Nm.
Uniquely contoured, rigid, precise, monobloc, cast iron Body, Base and flange ensure extreme robustness.
A modular design with detachable output range and integral feet permits the easy and fast conversion between flange or foot mounting.
Bevel gears in the middle stage, to be more silent and, at the same time, reach a higher service factor.
BChoice of hollow input shaft & input anges permits direct mounting of any IEC standard motor.