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VTScada ("SCADA System")

Complete SCADA functions available with one-time installation
More than 100 industry standard and proprietary protocols
Integrated device driver library allows users to connect to any combination of hardware
Built-in historical database, requiring no additional costs
Automatic failover for polling and logging
A smarter way for Thin Client server hot backup failover
Synchronized historian and alarm database
Supports HTML5 browsers on mobile devices and PCs
User-friendly drag-and-drop interface for screen development
Applies configured changes without rebooting the whole system
Provides 200+ widgets, 4,000+ graphics and 3D pipe elements to design customized, vivid monitoring display

DIAView ("SCADA System")

Seamless integration with Delta's PLC products and I/O modules, supporting various industrial communication protocols and equipment drivers
Web-based CSS / HTML5 platform and WPF technology for intuitive & vivid displays and easy-to-navigate interfaces
Variables Library and batch parameter editing for flexibility and high efficiency
Diversity of real-time data visualization: S-curve / pie / bar charts and reports
Diversified real-time and historical data analysis tools
Efficient anomaly alarms and management
Easy-to-learn VBScript language
Reliable user authority management for different authorization levels

DIAEnergie ("Industrial Energy Management System")

Visualization and remote monitoring of critical power consumption
Data analytics by areas and visualization per user authorization levels
Monitoring and analysis to meet energy performance strategy goals
Real-time alarms for anomalies
Power consumption measurement and analysis to achieve efficient electricity usage and cost savings
Demand management and forecasts to avoid exceeding the electricity consumption threshold
User-definable tools for report output and a variety of types of data analysis

DIALink ("Equipment IoT Platform")

Supports connection to CNCs / PLCs and various brands of equipment
Data accessing / visualization / storage in real time
Cloud computing via OPC UA / MQTT
Edge computing with M2M connection
Equipment data digitalization and management
Customizable / user-definable real-time data visualization
Machine anomaly and idle time monitoring
Analysis of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)